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Alysia Myette

Alysia Myette

Contract Lecturer, School of Performance

Course: THP 333 – Costume: Special Topics

Strategy: Creating virtual spaces for creative work

Teaching a course that normally requires a studio with industrial equipment and materials online can be challenging. 

Alysia Myette took on this challenge by first revisiting the assignments so that students could use the materials they had on hand. Then, Alysia created virtual studio spaces using breakout rooms. 

After a demonstration at the beginning of a 3 hour live class, Alysia created different Zoom breakout rooms for students to start working on their projects. Podcast episodes were streamed in the main room for students who might be interested in learning more about topics relevant to course content. In one breakout room, Alysia met with students who had questions. In another, she provided a quiet space for students who preferred to work without hearing the podcast in the main room. The atmosphere of this particular room also provided space for students to communicate and show each other their work. 

Alysia’s students appreciated how these different rooms mimicked the communal space of a physical studio where they could build a sense of community.