Activities Assessments Communication and Engagement Stories

Michael Raby

Dr. Michael Raby Contract Lecturer, Department of English Course: ENG 201: Myth and Literature Strategies: Virtual group discussions, peer evaluation, weekly quizzes

Assessments Content Delivery Stories

Dana Osborne

Dr. Dana Osborne Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures Course: ANT 100: Introduction to Anthropology Strategy: Big themes with student input, synchronous, mutual learning, mutual respect, sharing, vulnerability, non-replicable, organic experience

Assessments Stories

Natalie Alvarez

Natalie Alvarez Professor, School of Performance Courses: THF 403 – Landmarks in Canadians Theatre; THF 402 – Text Examination: Dramaturgy and Direction Strategy: Specifications grading

Activities Assessments Stories

Noel George

Dr. Noel A. George Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biology Course: CHY 103: General Chemistry I Strategy: OER accompaniment for labs, Breakout room quizzes, Special assignments & assessment