Coming soon…

The following faculty and instructors will be added to the Inspired Teaching showcase throughout winter 2021.

David Naylor

Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

With the goal of keeping students on track throughout the semester in MEC 516: Fluid Mechanics, David created frequent quizzes and long form question breakdowns to make sure students maintained their understanding.

Steve Gedeon

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

After a long summer of planning the best virtual experience for his class, Steve prioritized ways for students to best interact with the course content, their professor and other students. He created videos and facilitated in class discussions to keep his students engaged throughout the semester.

Cheryl Thompson

Assistant Professor, Creative Industries

Cheryl’s large lecture class sessions often include several moments of might first appear to be awkward silence, but that is by design. Her students are encouraged to share their thoughts, but are also given space to think and reflect.

Alan Kaplan

Chair and Associate Professor, Finance

A cornerstone of Alan’s course is student presentations. In order to adapt to the remote learning environment, he facilitated live presentations and feedback sessions via Zoom.